North Korea

Satellite rendering of The Korean Peninsula with North Korea in darkness.

It seems that almost daily North Korea is making headlines. Recent ballistic missile launches, a possible hydrogen bomb test and constant condemnation coming from leaders all around the globe fill the daily news cycle.

Did you know that in North Korea:

  • The country is funded by trade in illegal arms, human slavery, and narcotics
  • Hairstyles are restricted – 28 for women, 10 for men
  • They have their own calendar. It’s the Year 105
  • Three generations are punished for crimes (including owning a Bible)
  • 1.2 million soldiers are on active duty
  • There is 100% adult literacy rate
  • Adults are two inches shorter than South Koreans
  • 8.6 million children are malnourished
  • Known as the most spiritually and physically oppressive nation in the world according to Open Doors and the US State Department

So what can we do to make a difference for the 25 million North Koreans who desperately need a chance to hear the Gospel?

At JLM, we partner with other churches and ministries to serve an underground network of house churches spread across six provinces inside of North Korea. These churches have asked us to join with them, shoulder to shoulder, and see this current political crisis as an opportunity to accelerate the work of the Kingdom.

These are some of their goals:

  1. Reach 400,000 in NK with the Gospel by multiplying churches
  2. Rescue 1000 abandoned orphans by establishing ten Moses/Esther homes
  3. Distribute 8000 digital scriptures and 6 Jesus Film teams
  4. Launch underground businesses to help secure passageways for resources

This work is already in process, as many of you know our North Korea involvement. However, moving forward, there’s a pressing need for prayer and funding for those who are moved to be involved in North Korea. This is an opportunity to join us today by praying for God to protect the workers on the field and provide them with adequate food, shelter and safe places to worship. Pray for their families to endure persecution and for the Gospel to spread rapidly among a spiritually starved people.

Please consider partnering with us monthly and with a special one-time gift towards our North Korea project.


To mail a check, please send to:

P.O. BOX 13892
Durham, NC 27709
Please write “North Korea” in the memo

Thank you for standing with us as together we are making a difference in North Korea and around the world by reaching the unreached with the Gospel!

Generosity toward North Korea

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