NEPAL: Reaching the Unreached and Providing Wells

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God,  which is in you through the laying on of my hands…”   

~2 Tim 1:6

JLM has been working with two projects in Nepal:

1) We have partnered with a pastor in a far western province of Nepal who is reaching the unreached among the indigenous and lower caste there. We provided wells for clean water for 2 schools in the area as well.

2) Another of our JLM friends rescues formerly trafficked women and takes them to safe houses, where they are given job skills training and hear the gospel for the first time.

J, one young woman who was rescued, received Christ, was trained in sewing, and returned to her village. She then contacted our friends and said, “Please help us – we need clean water!”  Women and girls in the community had to walk 4 hours each way to get clean water, and this is where traffickers would prey on them. JLM provided funds to build a well for this community.

This well changed the lives of the entire community in a significant way, especially for the women and girls, enabling them to live in safety and security. 

J also used the skills she had gained at the safe house to start a sewing business in her home, and JLM provided funds for several sewing machines. She then began teaching other girls how to sew as well.

She also started a micro-saving group with the girls, each contributing about 25 cents per month. They started loaning money within the group, and it continued to grow and grow. Today it is a registered micro-cooperative bank under the government of Nepal, and almost 1100 women are members; among them they have formed 87 independent micro-businesses!

J was the first known Christian among her village of 5000, and she began sharing the gospel with the community. Today, 70-75% of the people in the village are followers of Christ, and there are more than 10 churches in this community.

This is just one testimony among many. Partner with us to reach the unreached of Nepal!

Due to the sensitive nature of this project, further information is available upon request at [email protected]. Donations of any dollar value are greatly appreciated.

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