CHINA: Church Planting Among UUPGs

There are currently 60+ unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPGs) in China. In southwestern China, JLM has teams of Han Chinese and minority missionaries living and serving among 21 UUPGs, and we are targeting 11 more UUPGs in the near future. Many of these peoples live in the remote and rural areas of the mountains – they have not heard the Gospel, and no Christian missionary has ever worked in their midst.

This project was birthed in prayer in 1995 with the hope to see China become a great mission-sending nation in the world, training leaders in the underground church so they can reach the unreached people groups in their nation.

Over the years, we have been astounded to see how Father God transforms the lives of house church leaders as they are drawn into intimacy with Him and His Word in the power of the Spirit. What a joy it has been to partner with what God is doing in China!

Reaching the Chinese Unreached People Groups
We teach Bible and practical ministry courses to the leaders of the minority people groups in order to strengthen their churches. Most of the Chinese people that are served by this project are “unreached” and “neglected” and approximately 25 million of them are Muslim. We also equip Chinese missionaries to be effective church planters among the unengaged unreached people groups in China

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