Urgent Update from Pakistan from Our JLM Partner

Through God’s grace, a Christian woman named Asia Bibi was released from prison by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. She was imprisoned for nine years, mostly in solitary confinement and awaiting the death penalty because she was accused of blasphemy against Muhammad. What was her crime?

Taking a drink of water out of a well that was owned by a Muslim.

As difficult as this is to believe, it’s a true story and we at Jordan Lewis Missions have followed this closely. You can read more about her at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Bibi_blasphemy_case

On the ground in Pakistan our leader informed us that as she was released, “Muslims attacked the city where our church is located and where twin bomb blast were done by radical extremists earlier this year.”

“Now the extremists have called for a strike all over Pakistan as a reaction. The Pakistan army and police have taken control of our Christian community. Please pray for the peace of Pakistan and protection of our community. . .”

We will update you more on this situation as we are informed from first hand observers. In addition, we continue to provide water pumps for Pakistan for two reasons: To provide free water for those like Asia who need a drink and to use our water stations as places to share the gospel of Jesus and launch churches.

To help us provide safe, clean water for Pakistan’s minority population and to continue the work of reaching the least reached with the Gospel, PLEASE PARTNER WITH US BY GIVING ONLINE.

We appreciate your partnership in all of this as we continue to launch underground churches thanks to your gifts which provide water, bibles, and Christian evangelists in one of the most challenging nations in the world. To date, more than 10,000 baptisms, more than 1,000 churches and now we have 32 well pump stations, soon to be 50.

Until All Have Heard,

Wayne Graham Executive Director of JLM

Wayne Graham
Executive Director

P.S. – If you weren’t able to read our last newsletter that explains our Pakistan water project in more detail, please click here.

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