A Prayer Request from Pastor Ron Lewis

I’m deeply saddened to report Mr. Kim, a coworker to one of our key leaders, Pastor Simon Suh of Seoul, Korea, was recently kidnapped in China and forcefully escorted back to North Korea according to international press releases. Mr. Kim has been falsely accused of plotting to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Obviously, such allegations carry with them dire consequences for both him and his family, as North Korea often penalizes not only the accused but also their relatives.

I had the honor of meeting this good man last fall while in Seoul with Pastor Simon. He is 59 years old and a faithful Christian. Several years ago he escaped a brutal life in North Korea, defecting and moving to South Korea. His daughter was able to escape with him to live in Seoul. Along with his wife and their loving church they are crying out in prayer for his release.

With the help of Simon and his church, Mr. Kim received the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was baptized. While in Seoul, Pastor James Lowe of Nashville,TN and I had a beautiful time of prayer with Mr. Kim and other North Korean refugees living in Seoul. I was deeply moved by the heart and hunger of the Korean believers to help their fellow North Koreans to be freed from tyranny, bondage and degradation through spreading the Good News of Christ.

Please join us in prayer for Mr. Kim. We ask you to pray for him to experience God’s grace and intervention. We believe he is a man falsely accused and in desperate need of God’s deliverance. With man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Feel free to spread this report to others whom you trust.

Below is a report from the media which does not mention his name but unfortunately is about Simon’s dear friend Mr. Kim.

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For more information on what JLM is doing in partnership with Koreans, please contact Wayne Graham.

Thank you for joining us and praying to God on behalf of Mr. Kim.


Pastor Ron Lewis

Pastor Ron Lewis