“At the foot of the cross is where I want us to begin, where I want us to always run to, and the cross is where I want us to end.”

These are the words my sweet Jordan said to me at the foot of a cross as he knelt on one knee and proposed. Three weeks later we were married and began a journey that birthed a forever mission—Jordan Lewis Missions.

The month of March marks the two-year anniversary of Jordan being whole and healed in the arms of Jesus. But it also marks two years of learning to carry on the legacy and mission Jordan left with us on earth. I think of the life Jordan lived, using his last breaths to bless others and proclaim the name of Jesus. When his body couldn’t physically be on the missions field, he used every labored breath to bless and minister to everyone he came in contact with—proclaiming scriptures, singing praise songs, and ministering to others—all from his hospital bed.

In less than two years, Jordan Lewis Missions has raised over $700,000 for reaching the unreached with the Gospel. Your prayers, faith, and generosity have carried on my dear husband’s legacy and life mission even after he left this earth. You have taken his vision of proclaiming the name of Christ to the ends of the earth and supported it— financially, through prayer, and through your brave services on the field. Together we helped women in Nepal dig a well of hope in their city for water and they’ve now planted several churches among a previously unreached people group who now have the Water of Life! You have given fearless leaders in China and across the Middle East training and tools to expand their ministry. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for what you have sacrificed to make Jordan’s mission a reality.

Before Jordan passed away, I proclaimed this verse over his feet every morning. Now I pray this verse over you, as you continue to bring the good news of our Lord to the unreached.

“How lovely on the mountains
 are the feet of him who brings good news, 
who announces peace
 and brings good news of happiness, 
who announces salvation,
 and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Isaiah 52:7 NASB

Thank you.


Cady Lewis