Let's Remember the Unreached this Christmas

Every single day, I get a text or pictures from a young church planter. He lives in a nation where Christians are under constant threat of persecution and even martyrdom.

When I connected with him, he had already led more than 30,000 to Christ, in this nation where it’s extremely intense for Christians.

This young church leader asked me if we could partner to reach the rest of his nation through “underground” house churches. I was slow to respond as we have so many commitments already, but in a months time he went from 2 to 12 House churches. At that point, I knew I needed to help him. His leaders were untrained on the basics of the Gospel. Also, many are illiterate.

In the last two years, with your help through JLM, we’ve been able to help train hundreds of leaders in this nation, and to date, more than 500 House churches have been raised up through his ministry. According to our leader, this could not have happened without the help of JLM.

Of interest, this has happened in less than two years! And it’s real… the pictures or text updates I get daily verify these amazing results. Lynette and I are in awe and often weep over these photos.

Mentoring this young man through secure mobile apps on a regular basis is one of the great joys of my life. I’m in constant awe of God’s work in this mostly Muslim nation, and we want to do more!

This December, while most of us are attending holiday parties for our churches and businesses, JLM is funding a special Christmas party in this nation mentioned above. Hundreds of new and recently trained leaders will attend, celebrating God’s work in the lives of tens of thousands.

In 2018, through your giving, JLM is going to ramp up our investment in India, Pakistan, Indonesia and China. As you consider your year-end giving or next year’s budget, please consider this…

Just $30 a month trains a pastor for a year

We are asking God to provide 100 individuals who will become $30/month partners. Just $1 a day gives the gift of the Gospel to those who’ve never heard. Please visit jordanlewismissions.org/donate to give.

We are confident of an eternal and multiplied return on every dollar given. Praying God’s richest blessings on you and your family this holiday season,

Pastor Ron Lewis

Pastor Ron Lewis