JLM Expands to Asia to Empower Underground Movements

Sharing Some Encouraging Developments from JLM Missionaries in Asia

Dear JLM friend,

We sent out our JLM Missionaries, Caleb & Ting to be based out of Asia, and together we have recently launched two ministries: JLM Asia, the Asian arm of Jordan Lewis Missions which exists to bridge vital resources to fruitful missionary outreaches and church planting efforts; and the Asian Muslim Project (AMP), which is a unique training program which equips church planters to effectively share the Gospel from an Arabic Muslim perspective.

With over 1.5 billion unreached Muslims who have no access to the Gospel, and a meager one percent of mission funding going to this desperate cause, Muslims are the some of the least evangelized people in the world today. This is a need that cannot be ignored.

When Caleb and Ting invested in hosting the first three AMP training workshops, God opened the doors to train thousands of Muslim background believers who have come to Christ in the last few years throughout the nation. These former Muslims are now waiting for the AMP training. And we are committed to investing the resources necessary to translate and adapt the AMP training into their mother tongue and equip them to train their own kind.

Bashar, a Muslim background believer and a traveling and fruitful mentor who equips leaders of various church planting networks, expressed, “I’ve been attending 3 to 4 training workshops of various types each year for 15 years, but this unique AMP training exceeds them all – both in content and paradigm for Muslim ministry. It’s very contextual and relevant!

Together, as an answer to this need, we can raise $102,000 to prepare the AMP resources in the first 2 local languages, and get the AMP training quickly to the first 10,000 leaders. The vision is to translate the resources to over 10 languages before 2020.

Would you prayerfully consider a special gift of any amount towards the translation of these AMP resources and for training of these precious new Muslim background believers?

Eternally grateful,

Wayne Graham Executive Director of JLM

Wayne Graham
Executive Director