End of Year Opportunity

Thank you for praying and partnering with Jordan Lewis Missions. Together we are making a difference by giving the gift of the Gospel to those who have never heard. With your help we have:

Through a ministry initiative started by Pastor Ron and other Chinese leaders, more than 1 million leaders have been trained in China. Continuing in that legacy, JLM is prioritizing the unreached of China in 2017. A coalition of ministries will focus on reaching 25 minority groups who have never heard the Gospel nor have any churches. (List of these UPG’s is available upon request)

Across the Muslim world, JLM is active in sponsoring and helping works in Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Indonesia. In one country, the Jesus Film was shown to 60,175 people; with 13,771 saved; 4050 baptized; 331 House Churches started by key men with significant influence, such as a community or tribal leader. In another the film was shown to 9929 people; with 5869 saved; 1543 baptized; 127 Churches started. In Turkey house churches have begun through evangelizing Iraqi and Turkish Muslims with approximately 100 converts. These numbers have been independently verified.

The darkest nation on Earth is being reached with the Gospel. Over 300 individuals have been confirmed rescued from North Korea thanks to our partner organization and the grace of God! These defectors are also coming to Christ and many have become disciples and have joined our church in South Korea. Underground church plants, Bible distribution, food aid and marketplace ministry are taking place in N. Korea thanks to our partners. Intense persecution requires constant prayer for this nation.

Bikes were distributed to 10 evangelists in India with reports of many conversions. In Nepal, one water well led to the conversion of an entire village and now five churches have been launched. JLM ASIA reports that in South East Asia, 160 leaders representing underground church planting networks from 4 nations received training, and one group represents over 40,000 Muslim background believers. Also, one network in Bangladesh ran regular leadership camps for their network of 250 Muslim background believers and for a dozen former high level religious leaders, half of whom are full-time evangelists.

Uzbeks and Bucharian Jews are being reached with approximately 20 salvations and several baptisms.

All of this would not have been possible without your prayers and financial partnership.

For more information, please write me at [email protected].

Happy New Year to you and your family. May the Lord richly bless you in 2017!


Wayne Graham Executive Director of JLM

Wayne Graham
Executive Director

P.S. – Thank you for helping us with your most generous, end of the year gift! Any amount will go a long way to help those who have never heard the Good News.