Do We Really Love The Lost?

I hear from pastors all the time, asking how they can strategically plant more churches.

By God’s grace, our home church King’s Park has planted many churches around the world, yet never have I been as excited as I am now, over a unique opportunity focused on India.

My dear friend Yesupadam is an apostle in India, rising from the lowest caste to a place of remarkable influence in reaching this predominantly unreached nation of over 1.3 billion people.

He has identified 11 tribal groups where we mutually feel called to help him build churches. These churches will become the center of the tribes where Christ can be proclaimed as well as the culture of the community changed.

Several of these tribes don’t even make the government or Joshua lists. They are extremely impoverished, still unclothed, involved in extreme witchcraft and even human sacrifices. It’s difficult to believe, but true. Yet, they remain open to the gospel.

For just $10,000 we can build a church in one of these 11 areas, and see a tribal village literally changed through the Gospel.

I’m asking you to consider “owning” a building project like this. We have some pastors and concerned believers already on board to give and build a church. We welcome more to join this team.

If you find the group, church or community to fund a building (which also funds a leader) we will arm you with information and video coverage letting your people watch as a village is changed. Or, feel free to contribute at any amount and your gift will join others in building a church in a village.

Please email [email protected] for the video password.

Our JLM Executive Director, Wayne Graham, will be reaching out to you to answer questions and see if this project aligns with your vision. Let me know if you’d like him to call you and discuss this more.

For the Unreached,

Pastor Ron Lewis

Pastor Ron Lewis