About Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM)

What is JLM?

The Mission & Vision

Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM) was established to honor the life and legacy of Jordan A. Lewis, a graduate of Oral Roberts University, who fought a valiant battle against cancer and joined his Creator at the age of 23. Jordan’s unflinching, unyielding faith in Christ was apparent to all whom he came in contact with. He served the Lord pure heartedly, modeling Christ in all that he did, and his passion was to reach those who had never heard the gospel.

As a college student, Jordan was part of the “Man Team,” a small team of young men who lived among a previously unreached tribe in Tanzania. Jordan was the first to volunteer to share the Gospel with the tribe. He shared with a tribe member named Emmanuel, the first person to ever do so, and also gave him the meaning of his name. Emmanuel received Christ that day, along with several others, and a church was formed. A birthing clinic, built by the Man Team that same year, now doubles as a church on the weekends.

JLM continues this mission and supports teams focused on reaching those who have yet to hear about Jesus. Projects span the globe and include China, Tanzania, Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, PakistanBangladesh, North Korea, and Muslims in NYC.

We do this through:

  • Relational Connection – We know, love and trust those we serve, and receive consistent feedback and testimonies with photos and video from our friends.

  • Apostolic Leadership – We serve best as we help visionary local leaders who have been gifted by God to effectively share the gospel and launch churches.
  • Proven Strategies – Every UUPG requires strategies that are effective and relevant to a culture. For example, Pakistan is one of the most arid nations in the world; through giving UUPGs a clean water source, the hearts of thousands have been opened to the gospel.

JLM is facilitated by King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC, Jordan’s home church for most of his life until moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Donations are tax deductible.


Ron and Lynette Lewis, Co-Founders

Ron founded Every Nation Church, New York in response to the tragedy of 9/11 and has been reaching the greater metropolitan area of New York City ever since. He is also the founder and overseer of King’s Park International Church in North Carolina, has helped start over 100 churches around the world, and has started ministries such as Campus Harvest, Youth Life of Durham, NC, and Jordan Lewis Missions. Ron received theological training from Reformed Theological Seminary, authored two books, served on many Non Profit Boards including Every Nation Churches and Ministries.

Lynette’s eclectic career journey has taken her from PR and fundraising at a major university to the senior marketing leader for the National Women’s Initiative at Deloitte & Touche. She now speaks to audiences worldwide, from corporate boards to large churches, on knowing your purpose and living your dreams. Lynette is also an author, business consultant, and a TEDx speaker.

Ron and Lynette have three sons, all happily married, and their son, Jordan, with Jesus in heaven, young twin daughters, and three grandchildren.


Visit ronlewisministries.org
Visit lynettelewis.com

Board of Directors

James Lowe  Senior Pastor, Bethel World Outreach, Nashville, TN
Phil and Destiny Deas  Senior Pastors, Northpoint Community Church, Shreveport, LA
Rev. Simon Suh  Atlanta, GA

Support Team

Rebecca Phillips Administrative & Field Director, JLM
Eric Syfrett  CFO, JLM & King’s Park Churches, Durham, NC

Sharing the Gospel with those who have yet to hear about Jesus.

JLM supports teams sharing the Good News with unreached people groups (UUPG’s) in nations such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India, North Korea and China.